APP not working


I got bad reviews in Google play people saying app not working they using OS Android 6.0 i don’t know why


Maybe you should provide a link to the app and a screenshot of bug reports?


they both using Native platform armeabi-v7a, armeabi


they did not full out any bug report just left bad feedback


With this information we can not determine the exact issue.
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seems like one person was trying to install it on a tv and well the design will all messed up on a tv


Install the app on TV??


yes one of the people who gave a bad review said their device was an android Tv
and that it froze up .


Hi Mika, the same thing is happening to me and I think I found the reason.
My APP saves files in the internal memory and it seems that Android 6.0 does not work well (several complaints in the comments and all with that version of Android)
I think it’s because the Android 6.0 system blocks access to the internal memory of the device by putting an SD memory card, the system allows you to format it as internal storage and put apps on it, but it disables the internal memory. I do not have any device with Android 6.0 to confirm it, but I’ve searched by google and it’s the only thing I found.
When I have time I will try to put some option for the user to choose where to save the files.

Hola Mika, me está pasando lo mismo y creo haber encontrado el motivo.
Mi APP guarda archivos en la memoria interna y parece que en los Android 6.0 no trabaja bien (varias quejas en los comentarios y todos con esa versión de Android)
Creo que es porque el sistema Android 6.0 bloquean el acceso a la memoria interna del dispositivo al poner un tarjeta de memoria SD, el sistema permite formatearla como almacenamiento interno y poner apps en ella, pero deshabilita la memoria interna. No tengo ningún dispositivo con Android 6.0 para confirmarlo, pero he buscado por google y es lo único que encontré.
Cuando tenga tiempo probaré a poner alguna opción para que el usuario elija donde guardar los archivos.