App not installed error


while installing the app which i created from appy builder showing app not installed



all the methods i have tried which i get from google

  1. The App build may have corrupted or some of the core files have been modified knowingly or unknowingly.
  2. Android Manifest is the set of permissions has a lot of permissions where an error might have occurred.
  3. Gradle file – The problem might be in the file itself. Just check the minimum SDK version is suitable for your device.
  4. Installing an unsigned app could also result in this error.

Please provide more information about your settings in smartphone, your android version, and the complete error message received.


compiled from a new computer without package name it is working


as I read this, it is due to an incorrect renaming of the package.

So please be so kind and read this to learn more about how to change the package name correctly. It helped me to provide a correct package name!