App not functioning


Hello dear community, please I need help, I made this app fully by using the an Android Emulator (Memu) to test it. It functions well on the emulator. But, when i install in an android smartphone or tablet, it can’t function again. When I open, it shows an error message then stop immediatetly

Please i need help

You can test the app here

Geo_Thermo_2.aia (1.3 MB)


Instead of posting your aia tell what error message you get. Post your blocks. Tell what extensions you are using. If you use large assets.


Here is the message that I am receiving when I want to open the app

I also attached the blocks
I used the temperature sensor and the advanced location sensor blocks



How are you switching screens or do you use large assets?


I think you have the logic reversed.

All you do here is check is there is a temp sensor to give a warning. But it does not kick out of the code. It keeps going. There is no ELSE>


I am using only one screen.


Look at your blocks, There is a logic issue with them