App not build plese help me




Use offline version . See below the announcements about AppyBuilder and Kodular

Build failed! Connection refused for android sed)

I follow all steps and go offline, but can’t download apk…



Did you start WinStartBuildServer.cmd ? If build server is running and you want to create QR code for .apk you should use computer’s ip:8888 instead of localhost:8888 (computer’s ip usually is in the form of


when start WinStartBuildServer.cmd it close automatically


Build server uses port 9990 , maybe it is in use by another app.


not work…please help me


Either Java 8 JDK is not properly configured or port 9990 is in use. To configure Java see

To check your port see


yeeees now work! thank you very much!:heart_eyes:


Glad I could help :smile:

"Build failed ! Connection refused ( connection refused)