App is unfortunately closed when i add admob to app


Hi everyone, i have a problem that My app is working perfect but when i add admob ads to my app then it unfortunately closed but it is working fine whithout ads so please give me solution to fix it.


Well, what kinda block logic do you have?



Hi Hossein,

I have similar problem where the App crashed frequently when I added one Admob Banner unit in “Screen 1”. No other Banner. I did NOT even load it when the Screen1 initialize. It is showing the Ads when the app started. However, it will sometimes crash when I click on other buttons.

It is very random event. Sometimes it works longer, but sometimes it crashed very fast.

It was working fine without the Admob.

I have made the Screen 1 to “Responsive” and used the Clock, Text to Speech, Tiny dB, DateUtils extensions.

Looking forward to your response. Thanks.