App is not the same in test mode and build


I’m trying to make an app for Taxi. I create the app in Appybuilder and testing it. It is working as expected. When i try to download and install the app on the same device that i tested it on, i receive different results and it is crushing. Why is this happening? Do i need to make any middle step to make it wok?


Welcome @Marko_Curlinoski
We can maybe know if you give more information.


Hi @Peter.
Sorry about my mistake.

So here is a sample of my code that working with live testing and crushing when app is build and installed on the same device.

Code for adding marker on the Google Maps

It show the marker on the map, and than app is minimized. When i open it again, there is no marker any more.

Also i’ve created a code that changes the menu in the top right corner of the app.

Code for changing the menu.

When the app is running in live testing, the menu is changed, but when build and install the app on the same device, i receive the default menu.

Live Testing

Build app, and installed on device


It is hard to say if this is the cause of the crash. Do you have large images, multiple screens. Maybe show all the blocks you use.


Use Screen1.InitializeMenu block. Place your blocks in there


I fixed the menu as @Hossein suggested. But i still have the problem with adding the marker.
This is all code i have, 1 map, 1 button and GPS sensor.


This works for me


Sorry, not working for me :frowning:
I don’t understand why should i do LocationSensor1.enable(true); when my sensor is enabled from the UI properties.


You don’t have to enable with the block if you did it from the designer. It takes some time for the app to find your precise location. How long did you wait? Set the interval to 0. 60000 is one minute for a change to be detected.


I don’t think is that, because if there is no location detected, the GPS sensor returns longitude 0 and latitude 0 as defaults.


And then it will put the marker somewhere on the world on the equator.



And that what is happening, i can see the marker on the 0.0 coordinates. My real problem is why it is minimizing by it self and it is showing the marker on the correct position for a 0.5 second before it minimize.


What phone do you have and android version. You get this warning if you use the google maps component.



I totally forget that it is experimental feature. You are right.
I tried it on Xioami Redmi 4X, Android 7.1.2 and Huawei P9 Lite, Android 6.0


Send me your aia. I will see if it closes here to. Did you made it with AppyBuilder or imported it from another builder.


It is created wit AppyBuilder.
I also find something: the MapIsReady method is never called on build and installed app and the map is fully shown and operable (zoom in, change location, zoom out, get directions)
FindTaxi.aia (42.2 KB)


App build and installed on device:

App in live testing mode:

This test is also included in the .aia i’v send to you


I see what happens. I have the same effect as you have.


I will check your aia