App Inventor Store (I have finally launched it) - AN ONLINE SHOP!


Community appreciation week

It’s here! Thanks to our wonderful community of passionate app makers, App Inventor Store is now having a CAW - a community appreciation week. Within it, absolutely all of the products have -50% off discount.


  • Added Chat Interface extension, Particles extension and Block2Code Help products.
  • Renamed Makeroid Help to Kodular Help to keep up with the Kodular’s name update.
  • Disabled Bitcoin payment method and goals meter during the week for multiple purposes.
  • Disabled automatical system that sends extensions during the week, to cope with the fraudulent purchases, extension “scamming” and busy network traffic.
  • Chat Interface, Particles, Kodular Help and Block2Code Help screenshots are not available yet.


Half of the week has passed!


Community appreciation week has ended!

Update Changelog:

  • Prices reverted back to normal.
  • Bitcoin payment method is available again.
  • Goals meter is available again.
  • Rush delivery is available again (automatical system).
  • BlockAdBlock system has been added.

Coming Soon

  • “Design guard” protection system is coming soon.
  • Screenshots for Chat Interface, Particles, Kodular Help and Block2Code Help products are coming soon.
  • AdSense advertisements are coming soon.

Typo Fixes

  • Changed “Makeroid Help” to “Kodular Help” in Bitcoin payment option.

:warning:    Notice: Because of the problems caused by “scammers” - redistribution, App Inventor Store is working on something and will soon release “Design Guard”. It’s a system that repackages every single extension, making it not possible to decompile and/or recompile the extension again. If there is a “Design guard protection status” badge available and on preview near “Verified charity contribution” and/or “Rush delivery available” badges, it means design guard is being used by the product.

Best regards and keep on Appybuildin’,
Ben :wink: