App freezes after app start


My app size is about 6MB. When I try “live testing” the app freezes a few seconds after start.
When I copy the apk to my phone, everything works fine.


@WebAtelier_mt Could it be taking its time that browser is communicating with the companion? This usually happens when you have lots of blocks or media


OK I think I’m using many blocks, so I’ll wait for a while…


@WebAtelier_mt just curious. How many blocks? You can see that if you go to blocks editor and click right mouse button on an empty area


Hello, I use 3280 blocks.


Today’s a lot of blocks. Review your blocks and consider using more procedures to eliminate redundant blocks. Also you may have to use multiple screens


see tip 3 here



Thanks for the tip,

because of using a bluetooth device with back and forward conversation it’s difficult to work with more than 1 screen.
But I also use many procedures… about 50…
I also work with the visibility of canvas and horizontal/vertical arrangements.