App crashing because of Onesignal component


Hi everybody,

My apps started crashing since I’ve updated them with API 26. It turned out that Onesignal is the cause of the high rate of crashes. I’ve deleted all the automatic messages that I used to send to users on Onesignal website but that didn’t fix the problem but when I removed the Onesignal component from my apps the crash rate dropped a lot. Here are screenshots of the Stack traces :

Onesignal is very important for my apps so I hope that someone can help me fix this issue!


onesignal is a a extension what is under test. Experimental. The name experimental let you know that there a some issues. Loook at the ? next to the component in the designer screen.


I think you’re confusing Appybuilder with Thunkable because Onesignal is under the advanced category on Appybuilder.


There are problems and to use this in the eu people dontz like it bc one signal track all your infos for that service to use. A lot of indos what they sell.