App crashing after installing


my app is constantly crashing please help apk size is 3.73 mb

This Screen IS Flickering And the App crashes sometimes

follow tip1 and 2


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.


As someone with Tech in his name you should understand that we can do nothing for you if that is the only thing you are giving us. Show relevant blocks, error messages, big assets, etc.


ovio i can provide u with screenshots
i have multiple screen shoul i send all screenshots


Show screenshots of the error messages and of you blocks. Did you also look at the tips Taifun gave you?


ill try to edit and minimise the use of blocks and screen


which is a better approach adding another screen for new work and closing the previous one
or hiding some elements after a certaing in the same screen


i have reducued the no. of screens to 6
lets try


this is the screen which is having issues


when i do live testing everything id fine
but as soon as i compile and use it as apk it crashes on this screen
this is the 2 screen
i have total 6 screens
earlier i had 7 bt now reduced to 6
cant reduce it less /
please help i can provide with aia file of project but in personal
PS i made another screen with same blocks and replaced it with it
But The flcikering still persistes