App Average speed control on Serbian Highway




This is my first app on google play, I made it with appyBuilder (thanks! ).

App automatical recognizes entry on highway and it start control of apx.speed. (in Serbia limit is 130km/h and they control it on exit toll gate)

On exit You will recive price between toll gates, apx. speed and time.

It can also be used outside the highway.

In this application, it is interesting my try app work in the background.
I do that with Advance location Sensor.

For every 5 star rating on google play THANKS! :slight_smile:


Slightly off topic question about the tolls.

Do they charge you more money for going slower?
Do they charge you more for going over 130kmh?


You must pay penalty if your average speed is > 130km/h (going over 130km/h)

With this app you can control GPS speed and on exit you will recive average speed calculated by GPS and by distance between toll gates, and price.
This app works like electronic pay toll.
For now I have 4000 downloads and 2000 active users.
In this app is interesting works in backgroud. Its not perfect but it work until AI2 update task.


how you are doing this: App automatical recognizes entry on highway


I use maps and I have marked all pay toll gate in Serbia.


Great work!!! :+1:


how to get this “Advance Location Sensor” ? Can you guide me ?

Actually i want location sensor to keep sending location even if app in background.
I tried Timer too, but not happy with the accuracy. it got reset several times…



It’s impossible to send location from background (before android 8.0 it was possible)
I don’t use extension Advance Location Sensor because it is not updated…


Thanks for replying !

As it is not possible to send location from background & you don’t use Extention Advance Location Sensor.

then how you did the magic of sending location from background ?. Kind help with hints / steps / guidelines


I have sent You message, there is link from another forum.