¤ Apophis 2036 - My newest game made entirely with AppyBuilder ¤


Hi all,

Here is my latest game published to Google Play. This is my most complex game so far! I don’t know a great deal about coding, but I am fairly happy with this one :).

Thanks for all of the support an information that I have gleamed from this community and the fantastic tutorials from @PixiiBomb - helping complete novices, like me, to create apps.

It’s not perfect and i’ll happily accept any comments regarding the game - good or bad. There is no advertising in the game, except for two rewarded apps (used successfully for the first time by me :slight_smile: )


WOo HOO! Looks great!
I’m not able to take a look at it just yet, but I will totally check it out later :slight_smile:


Omg are u on
You are not active on community from long time


Thanks @PixiiBomb :).


As a recommendation you could place images of how the game is. I mean a photo playing the game.

(in playstore)