ApkBuilder failed


With me it pauses also around 85%. But it finishes.


I have the feeling that depends on my Java or computer configuration, not at the Appybuilder.
At afternoon I will play around with the settings and check if it’s work.


Maybe you installed Java 8 but java 8 is not used if you have multiple versions on your computer.

I also have multiple version and had to set the right one


Hello Peter,
I’m almost sure that I only have one Java version installed.

I’m finished with my attempts and have no idea how it goes on!
I have played around with the settings of Java (there are not many): Not able to build apk
I have reinstalled Appybuilder Personal on my computer (C:) : Not able to build apk
I have try to build apk more then 10 times: Not able to build apk
I have try to increase memory in the WinStartBuildServer: Not able to build apk
I do not have any ideas how to do it anymore!

More than a year of development and now I have only 11 days to rescue my project.
In the worst case, I have to rebuild my project on another builder, but I want to avoid that. It would be so time consuming again.
It is not fair. I know I’m not the owner of Appybuilder, only a user but…it’s not fair. :smirk:


Make a Copy of the aia and Remove All the Extensions and try Building the app. Let me know if it Builds or not


My app make no sense without extensions.


Just For Testing Purpose Only


And then? If it works without extensions?
Thanks for your suggestions.

My app export in the online version but not in the offline. My goal is to run the offline version.



Try Testing it… And Let me know