APK do not download after build


I am new to appybuilder, but I have experience in ai2.

I have been trying this for the last 12 hrs, on a different computer, different internet connection, different browser, and could not get any apk downloaded.The progress bar freezes at 100% an nothing else happens.

Please help


Are you running some kind of firewall on your computer?


I don’t think so. I tried almost every laptop in the house, including a Macbook, and android tablet.

Logged as a different Google user, still the same.

Just got the same behavior using Tor browser


Deleting the key store seems solved the problem.

I am importing my old key store from Android Studio, and it looks like not accepted by appybuilder


Aha, that would cause issue


This is what I get from ApptoMarket, notice last line.

19Mar2019_1705.43: SUCCESS: Alias was upadted!
19Mar2019_1705.44: SUCCESS: Password was upadted!
**** SUCCESS: Keystore was successfully created: C:\Users\Ahmad\Desktop\My Apps\android.keystore
**** IMPORTANT: This new file can now be uploaded to App Inventor.
**** If you have existing apps that have been signed by AI, please download
**** AI keystore and ARCHIVE AWAY!!!
19Mar2019_1705.44: keytool error: java.io.IOException: Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect


and this is what I get if I use the above generated key store file


I got it to work, but no idea how, as I lost track of steps, but used “key store explorer” to change password and alias

Thanks for your support