ApiEmail - Envío de correos directos



ApiMail hace los envíos de correo sin abrir la App de Gmail

1. Panel principal

Panel principal

En este panel ingresamos el EmailFrom y los mensajes a mostrar, al dejar los mensajes en blanco el sistema enviará unos mensajes por default el cual se puede controlar el idioma (español e ingles).

2. Propiedades


Propiedades principal de la extensión, en la que no pueden quedar en blanco.

2. Funciones

Podemos enviar el email ya sea con formato HTML o con texto plano, para esto se crearon estos componentes el cual facilita la elaboración del formato HTML.

Descargar la extensión en el siguiente link.
Link de descarga

Visita nuestra web

Otp verification via email
Send mail automatically to the user

Hola Jhonny por favor puedes poner algunas imágenes y una descripción felicitaciones por esta extensión


Please change the website that is hosting the file. It’s asking me to allow notification otherwise I won’t be able to download the file. I will NOT allow notification! Don’t force me to do something I don’t want to do.

Thank you


for those, who like to use this service, remember:

  1. this solution uses a php server to send your email, so if the server goes down, you will not be able to send an email anymore…
  2. also the provider of that server can read all messages you are sending…

you have to decide, if this is ok for you…
for sending emails, see also Different eMail solutions for App Inventor



disculpa el link de descarga esta caido, nos podrias hacer un tutorial en you tube por favor


Good Day.

May i kindly get the link to download the extension both links are not working


bro here it is



Hi bro.

I am looking for the API MAILER specifically as I am trying to achieve the process of sending an email without having to pop up any SMTP on my mobile app.

So on button SEND id like my app to send the mail straight to the recipient.

Do you perhaps know another link?

Your help is of great appreciation.


Different eMail solutions for App Inventor

Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.


Can you made extaintion for opening this


Hi everyone, I’m looking to use ApiMail but I cannot get the extension from the download link provided by @JONNY_STEYVER_ARROYO. It say that the link is expired.

Can anyone share the file?



sorry, this is not possible, because it is a paid extension

To be able to get some of these extensions, you have to pay in MitCoins (a virtual currency of that webpage)

you might want to use one of the other solutions

Different eMail solutions for App Inventor



Download link is not working. Please put working link


just follow the link to the webpage in the first post

you also might be interested in



I tested other, but want this because it have more feature & it is free


@Rachit_Singh let me help you to find the webpage from the first post
here it is http://www.mitextensions.com/
you might want to Login/Register on that page and look around, if that extension still is available
let us know what you find out



Ohh, I thought this one was free.
Thanks @Taifun