Anyone have any Idea ? about Admob Ads on High End devices


I have few apps on Playstore with Admob Banner and Interstitial ads. These apps are created using Appybuilder offline version. I have checked on a few mobiles, those apps are showing ads on android version up to 8 [ I guess ].
Ads are not showing on those mobiles with android 9.0 or 10.0 are not showing ads.
Does anyone have any Idea?
Please tell me.


Simple answer: Android 9 and 10 has some changes which Appybuilder offline does not support. Time to go to Kodular.


Any chance Appybuilder offline updates these features in near future ?
I am a Big fan of Appybuilder .:blush:


As you should know, there is no any new development about Appybuilder. Appybuilder is joined with Kodular.


we probably have to sign a petition :heart_eyes:


I am ready to sign. Please start a petition


A petition to what? To maintain Appybuilder?


yes and especially offline version?


Sorry to say that even you create a petition, the Appybuilder’s owner has already decided to join to Kodular. So, there is no way to maintain the offline version. The only way to go is for Kodular. Maybe you didn’t read this.


For me kodular is a great platform, and there’s a big work behind it, i have just a problem with their Terms of use.


Which terms of use are you talking about?


Their approval system, innovation should go across limites.
Remove branding feature should be one time payment, their system is like someone sell you a white car and you pay it to paint it with red color, and you should pay every month to let this color else he come to repaint it with the original color.
Remove commission’s price is correct, it can go until 10$/month.
Commission for admob should be based on number of ads shown instead number of used module.
Payment method: i am not comfortable with the idea to give my credit card numbers, paypal method should be a practical solution.
And finaly they should be more transparent about data collection usage.


And have you already asked all this questions in Kodular forum?


For now the AppyBuilder monetization module is working on all Android versions


Make sure your app has been approved on the google ad platform


I recommend that you migrate to the new Kodular platform


no! and i think this will not change anything


So, good luck in your choice, because Appybuilder is not going to have any updates and in a near future, it’s going to be closed forever, even this forum.



AppyBuilder has definitely been discontinued. The replacement is Kodular is very good!