AnyBar Extension [Paid]



AnyBar Extension $5USD

You can use this extension to make custom menus(SideBar) and dialogs(Notifier).
You can make a custom TopBar, LeftBar, RightBar, BottomBar out of any Arrangement that you want using this extension.

Almost forgot…
A huge thanks to my A+ Beta Testing Team,
@Peter and @Gabriel_Egea,
and @SANTU_HALDER for inspiring this Extension.

Example Screenshots:


PM me if interested

Buttom Navigation
Splash screen while webview loads
Layers possibility

Awesome extension…:+1::+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Now new gool


Entonces con anyBar puedo insertar cualquier elemento dentro? Wow es genial.


Yes, you can use any Components that you want inside.


This is a really powerful extension.

You can make it look like a sidebar. You can make it look like a bottombar. You can make complete custom menus any way you like.

As an example
Let the anybar extension that is connected to a vertical arrangement scroll up from the bottom. The arrangement can be filled with a webviewer that displays additional information about a subject that slides into view. At a push of a button the information slides out of view again.

@Ken, maybe you can show some blocks also?


how to buy/ where i can buy it.?


Ken asked to pm him if you are interested. See first post.


Another few examples

With the drawing menu… Even when the menu is up you can draw beneath the menu if the canvas is large enough.


hola como puedo bajarme la extensión ?
Extensión AnyBar $ 5USD
Como lo hago para pagar 5USB?


Enviale a Ken un mensaje privado y el te pasa el link de paypal donde podes hacer el pago!



where you can buy this extension where i find aix


PM the developer (Ken)


That’s awesome…:innocent::innocent::innocent:


Great extension @Ken



please dm me i wanna know more about the extension


Why not ask here if you have questions? I was a beta tester so i know what it can do. The developer is asleep at the moment so maybe i can help.


Does this extension work with kodular or other inventors also? Thanks


Yes, I’ve tested it on AI, AB and Kodular.


where can i pay for this ?