Animated background


I used an animation made up of multiple png images in my coinflip app.

Now i used multiple png files to get an animated background in my app. The spider is going up and down the screen.

It could be used as a startscreen for your app.

The blocks i used are very simple:

Screenlayout is just a vertical arrangement with a button in the middle.

clock timerinterval is set to 10.

Here you can download the aia-file

animatedbackground.aia (433.2 KB)

How to have video or gif animated backgrounds?
Giftbox animation
.gif or .mp4 file as background picture of a screen/button

Nice work bro !!!


Very nice tutorial and very smooth animation. Great job


Interesting, @Peter_Mathijssen


That’s reall cool man, we can use this to make a loop background as like of Mario Game/Flappy Bird