Angry Birds tutorial (crappy azaotl version) jeje



Hello, hola
Hello! I will show you how to make a really simple but cool game based on the famous Angry Birds and it is done in App Inventor but remeber you can follow this tutorial with appybuilder, thunkable or MakerOid and get the same results.
AIA to follow tutorial:
The idea is pretty simple , we throw the bird using the canvas flung event and every time the bird touches the pig it resets its position, it is like getting a point then if collision with pig was detected well pig resets its position to a random value .

This is a tutorial for beginners. If you are new to app inventor I am sure you will be able to follow and finish it. Enjoy and have fun making this angry birds version made in app inventor.

This project can be a good idea for your app inventor school project, an Angry birds a try to add more things like score, graphics, sounds etc. Hope you like it , I mean please really “like” it in the youtube page jajaja have fun!
by the way I will make the same tutorial in Spanish using Thunkable in some minutes maybe streaming to save time and avoid editing jajaja. I am lazy!


Wow, very good tutorial, @azaotl… It is astounding that we can create something like this on App Inventor platforms.

Hm, i wonder what is the direction of canvas element development, especially if used for game development. Your game would be much better if we have physics feature but i think physics would not be included in roadmap dev in a long time…

I wonder if we can use extension for custom canvas for better game support.


what about using some math and do it yourself?
see also!searchin/app-inventor-developers-library/physics|sort:date



Thanks for suggesting but i am not into game development and beside, alternative like html5 would be much more mature environment for gamedev. But that is outside the scope of App Inventor.


you are suggesting a physics feature but at the same time you are saying, you are not interested? interesting…