Android notifications to arduino


Hi everyone,
i see notifications topics, but none of them treat how to transfer android notifications to arduino over bluetooth.
So my question is : is there any extension that can read and send android notifications to arduino over bluetooth ?
If not anyone can create it ?



anyone can help me ?


if you know how to throw your data from bluetooth to your application, you can just trigger that event using notification extension by @Ken if im not mistaken. the notify_v21.


I don’t believe there are any extensions that come close to doing this.


Если я правильно понимаю вопрос, то отправить данные на андройд можно классическими методами апп инвентор без всяких расширений (с помощью BlueTooth client)


can anyone create it ? i dont have the knowledges for that but i need that extension …


Please send communication diagram


I dont understand what you want … Sorry


how are you communicating with the arduino


I communicate via bluetooth serial port


Up pls i need help for my problem