Android notifications to arduino


Hi everyone,
i see notifications topics, but none of them treat how to transfer android notifications to arduino over bluetooth.
So my question is : is there any extension that can read and send android notifications to arduino over bluetooth ?
If not anyone can create it ?



anyone can help me ?


if you know how to throw your data from bluetooth to your application, you can just trigger that event using notification extension by @Ken if im not mistaken. the notify_v21.


I don’t believe there are any extensions that come close to doing this.


Если я правильно понимаю вопрос, то отправить данные на андройд можно классическими методами апп инвентор без всяких расширений (с помощью BlueTooth client)


can anyone create it ? i dont have the knowledges for that but i need that extension …


Please send communication diagram


I dont understand what you want … Sorry


how are you communicating with the arduino


I communicate via bluetooth serial port


Up pls i need help for my problem


No one can help me for this extension ?


friend you must explain what you want to try to send images of what you want to achieve


I thought it was clear … So it was clear for me only :smiley:
I just want to read android notifications and transmit it via bluetooth. My goal is to transfer those notifications on deported screen without images, only text of notification.


if no one can help me with creation of that extension, can anyone help create this extension by myself ? i have no notions in programming for android but i have already developped program in PHP. i know it is different but i want to develop this extension because i need it. So please guys (or girls) help me develop it.
thanks all