Android minSdkVersion


Is it possible to set the minSdkVersion with an extension?


Yes, it’s possible. See here for more info:!topic/app-inventor-open-source-dev/cE4jztJpNG0

It will only work in AppyBuilder if they have merged the code though. You will need to ask the AppyBuilder team if they’ve done this.


Thanks @Conor!

I posted a question to that forum to find out if all of the builders have implemented it or not.


@Ken the question should really be asked in individualforums not MIT forum.

Having said that, this feature is set for next release of AppyBuilder


Good point!

Thank you!

I am currently working on a MediaStyle Notifications Extension which requires minSdkVersion of 22.

And with older androids I receive errors:



Você quis dizer que, no próximo lançamento será possível definir o SDK mínimo exigido ou o SDK de destino?


It will only be for Android minSdkVersion not Target.


I don’t believe minSdkVersion feature has been added yet.
Can you confirm?


@Ken We use min sdk 14 for sure AND have been using this since a long time ago


I was asking if this was implemented:!topic/app-inventor-open-source-dev/cE4jztJpNG0


Ah. Nope not implemented. I’ll make a note for team to add this PR to help extension developers :slight_smile: