Android App Bundle (.aab)


Hello AppyBuilders,

I’d like to know if Appybuilder is going to offer us, developers, a new build option: the Android .aab file.

Android App Bundle files are much more organized, which leads to smaller and faster apps than .apk files.

Let me know, thanks.


I do not speak for AB.
I am not an expert in this area.

Based on my knowledge of AI/AB and .aab:
I don’t believe this will be a feature of AI/AB anytime in the foreseeable future.

  1. At this time .aab requires Android Studio.
  2. .aab Min API = 21, the current AB Min API = 14(AI/AB are designed to be as compatible as possible with as many versions as possible)


That currently isn’t in the timeline


Hi guys,

Ok. But,

  1. Unity already supports this, so its not exclusive to Android Studio; and
  2. I’ve built some aab file in Android Studio successfully with Min API = 15. The only requirement is the Max and target API must be above 26.

It would be nice if you added that to the Timeline. Thanks.