An internal error has occurred. Report a bug


Quedo resuelto,
todo era por el Caché de mi navegador,
ya pude trabajar mi app sin problemas, muchas gracias por tu excelente atención.


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When i copy screen, an internal error has occured. When import extention, it’s happen to so i can’t delete the extention and can’t build the app.


To delete extension, you may have to try to delete the extension from designer, then delete from component-palette.


i have tried, delete extention from component palette and the results are the same can’t delete it.


First delete from designer


done but the results are the same


Hi. I have problem with my apps. When go to “Pomiary SN05” screen and go to blocks then:
“An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?”
Can you help me?


@Dario_Dextero Can you tell us how many screens and blocks you have on most complicated screen?


12 screen
blocks? I dont know. There is any limit? I deleted this screen. I will try again

this is screen my blocks in my screen with error

I need do 75 column like that

In another screen I have 533 blocks