ALPHA - Artificial Intelligence


ALPHA is a community powered artificial intelligence that grows more intelligent over time.

ALPHA was made over the course of some months (not working full time) with App Inventor, no extensions. The project originally started out as “AI_1” in August last year, for the Google Code to Learn India contest. It was renamed “AI” shortly after prototyping with “AI_1”. In October, it was finally given a proper name, “ALPHA”.

Note: AI version Stable 1.0 was submitted to the contest, and didn’t make it. It had none of the major features ALPHA has now.

AI_1 was indeed my first proper project with App Inventor, and I learnt a lot on this journey. I didn’t follow any tutorials, the documentation I found too outdated.

The latest update (a VERY major rework of the original code) was made possible with AppyBuilder.

So, that’s it. Check it out, maybe even chuck some reviews and ratings (constructive, please) and e-mail feedback (through the in-app button).

I’d be happy to share the knowledge I gathered while making the app (if it doesn’t give away major trade secrets of course). Feel free to throw questions at me.



Sent feedback via app.
Please check your email asap.


Done. Thanks for the feedback.


Does this Actually learn from Users? Does it use like a database and collect data and then use it later? How can a proper Ai be made within Appybuilder . I thought only Bigger Companies like Google can only do it :smiley:

Good job!


Yep! Users teach ALPHA, and if they have Cloud Commands on, that input-output pair is made available in a database on the cloud. There are currently 1000+ Cloud Commands registered.

To make a real AI in the conventional sense, you’d need ML, which is really hard to implement.


very cool! good job!


Version 1.5.0 is now available, compiled with the latest AppyBuilder! (love the update btw)

What’s New?

  • Outputs are automatically copied to the clipboard now.
  • Improvements to the DRM
  • Profanity Filter

With the inclusion of the Profanity Filter, Cloud Commands is now online again.

As always, I’m open to feedback.

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