All blocks on same place


today i want make my game, but when i click blocks i see that…
WTF is this?? i have about 200 blocks, and all is on same place. Yesterday, when I saved the project, all the blocks were arranged and today they are all in one place …



@TomasVeloso1772 @Kleyber_Derick Are you (or anyone else) still experiencing the blocks-overlapping issue? If so, please replay back. We need to access your app and communicate it with MIT Dev team to figure-out the issue.


Hi @Hossein,

Yes, I’m still experiencing the problem. Today I faced this situation again in my project, unfortunately.


@Kleyber_Derick Can I access and share your .aia with MIT Dev team?


Sure!!! I’ll send you privately.


It is not a big issue.
I am also experienced this issue many time.

At the starting just right click and choose clean up block.
This solves my problem.
I think it will also help you.


@Nick But it needs to be fixed. Next time it happens, BEFORE clean-up, please PM me your .aia


If it’s possible to run clean up blocks script automatically at starting project it will solve this issue.


@Kleyber_Derick Seems like this issue is also happening when using MIT AI. I reported this and they are checking into it. See comment by ColinTree:


Good, @Hossein… let’s wait then.


I’ve had this issue recently so I guess they are still working on it?


@Ken Yes, We reported this to MIT team and seems like it has happened ocassionally to others also. Tried the patch that they had mentioned, but didn’t look like it worked. Still trying though. @Kleyber_Derick had mentioned that it may have to do when connected to companion and somehow the connection between browser and companion is lost. I believe that is correct and we are looking into it.


Thanks for the fast response!


@Hossein, do you think this could be due to a slow internet connection? It happened to me today and the only different thing is that I’m using my phone’s hotspot because xfinity is having an outage in my area and the connection is a lot slower.


Good question!
I use AppyBuilder on my phone 98% of the time.


@Italo @Ken I think the positions of blocks get messed up when connected for live-testing and somehow the connection gets terminated or sessions out. This is on our TODO-LIST :slight_smile:


yes i have this problem too, but hapens some times, specially if i was away from keyword for a while and reload the page.


Please see forum post below. I think MIT AI is also looking into this. I believe being connected for LiveTesting and then getting disconneted due to inactivity may cause this.:!msg/mitappinventortest/59hqieBTFh4/-5V2-68GEAAJ


anyone fixed this already??? having this issues today.