AIX Development - Offer


I need an aix(extension) that can detect when a home(minimized) button is clicked.
Am ready to pay.


Maybe this can help you

Aix(extension) needed

PM me…i will make now!


Please start.
When would you be done?


How much would you pay?
And ya it will take about 1 hour or less


How much do you want to charge?
Please send me a message on my personal line on whatsapp for quick response.


you might want to explain, what exactly in the solution suggested by @dora_paz does not work for you, so @Krish_Jha_jha then is able to provide a nice solution for you…

you could use the tools extension and its ActivityStateChanged event… together with state = pause



you need this



Please can i get the link to the extension.


Please can I get the link to download the KeyTools extension


Please help me with the Extension.


yes please i need it.