Airtable Referral Link


For those using Airtable and those contributors, we can rotate their Airtable link so that they can receive Free Airtable credits.

@Jerin_Jacob /@Peter, @Ken let us know if you are using Airtable and if interested. Other contributors and for active community-participants, let us know if interested. We’ll rotate to different individuals:


Hi @Hossein,

Thank you for thinking about me. I don’t use Airtable at the moment so maybe you can make somebody else happy. :+1:


Currently I have enough credits,nearly 200.


I only starting playing around with Airtable to assist other AB Users.
I don’t even fully comprehend what it’s capable of or what I would need credits for.

Thanks though, I’ll keep it in mind for the future.


i need credits how can i get some without to invite 10 emails from myself.


@philipp376 Create a Airtable referral link and PM me



í cannot pm you so i send it // to you


Np. Got it. Will update


thx very nice
i invited me for working with them but each month 2 new accounts is crazy. Thank for this help


@philipp376 Updated link below. We’ll keep it for couple of weeks and then can rotate to another interested member:


WOW its too good
so lets Celebrate here



Thank you very much very nice. This is better as sent this to my friends and make new email adresses for myself. Thanks again


My airtable invite link


The team created a Link for me but i didnt get any referal bonus. Nobody use them. Make a mail account with different mail and referl them yurself. i did that too and it works. I referl me each ,month 5 times.