Airtable column as csv list, issue


hello, i want to create column in airtable as csv list but still have problem.
Its must be a referral system, when user create account, then by row id must add new user to list of referrals. i tried many sets of block one time olmost worked correct, olmost. Now i cant sets block like before and now i dont know, what i do hehe. look at my block set maybe you see where is issue.!

First ss show how i set block to create new user.

Second ss show how get “list” of referrals from referr user.

Third ss show how i try add new user to referr, to his list of referrals

ohh, i olmost forgot, now this column is saved like list but is not CSV:

where is the issue ?
i think, issue is in first and third ss, but can’t resolve it.
Please help me! Thanks


Keep in mind that when using Airtable you must not have empty rows or cells otherwise you will not get data in app.


Ok, i will keep in my mind, but hmm ok now i can create this column like a CSV but i can’t update this column like CSV, look i set block like at screenshot but this column in this row does not change after do setcell. Why?