AiFL v1.0[Beta] | India's first Automatic FlashLight


Hi? I’m Aashir Shaikh(New here), 17, Founder and CEO of SHAIKHiNDUSTRIES

I’ve created India’s First Automatic Flashlight Application for Android Smartphones
The App is "AiFL v1.0[Beta] (AiFl stands for Artificially Intelligent FlashLight)
It can turn on Mobile Flash Automatically when we go in the Dark, and oppositely it can turn it off when we come out of the dark (by using Hardware’s light sensors)

I’ve created a video on this Application, here’s the link to the Video:
AiFL v1.0[Beta] | India’s first Automatic FlashLight by SHAIKHiNDUSTRIES

Thanks to AppyBuilder for Providing this superb platform