After Update Notifier not longer working


After the Notifier update today I get now only error messages:
ShowMessageDialog has to many arguments (5: must be 4).
Any idea?
Many thanks in advance.


Update companion.
Search forum


Many thanks.
I’ve updated the companion last week.
On the forum I couldn’t find a solution of the issue.


Please see release notes:


Many thanks.
I’ve already seen the release notes, but I couldn’t find a hint to solve the issue.


My question is:
Yesterday the apps was ok, no error messages.
I’ve modified nothing regarding the notifier.
Today after the update error messages.


After each release most likely you need to update the companion.


I’m not using the companion just downloading the APK file or scanning with barcode scanner and still not working. Very frustrating as I have to update all my notifiers to add animationType.

The notifiers no longer render HTML tags for example


The HTML is another problem not related to the original post.


I used HTML in almost every notifier and I need to do an app release so its really bad timing.


We are planning a release by tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience


No problem. Thank you. I do appreciate the improvements.


Thanks for fixing that and I do like the new look.