AdvancedBarcodeScanner Version2


Version 2 is here!

You can now select which barcode formats can be scanned.
Unselected formats will be ignored.

Change Log:
Version2 - added Scan Formats 1DIndustrial, 1DProduct, Data Matrix, QR Code
Version1 - added a Barcode_Format feature and set UseExternalScanner to false

Note: Because this Extension uses the same barcode library(ZXing) as the BarcodeScanner Component, you can’t have both of them in your project at the same time. You will need to remove the BarcodeScanner Component from your project before trying to build!
If you have any other issues with this Extension, please let me know ASAP!



.aia Blocks:

Showing my support for AB!:

Example Formats:

AdvancedBarcodeScanner.aia (696.1 KB)
com.kennicholsandroid.AdvancedBarcodeScanner.aix (693.5 KB)

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My First Extension

Can I use it in the companion ??


Yes, the Screenshots are from when I was running it via the companion.


felicitaciones un gran logro


Excellent, it would be nice to have the ability to scan with the device vertically.


I agree, that’s the main reason I started making this Extension.


Great Ken. I look confident


Nice extension, can you PLEASE add vertical view to the barcode scanner (so that the screen does not always turn to horizontal view when scanning)? It is a much requested feature but unfortunately nobody did it yet…


It’s going to take me a while and I hope I can figure it out.


Version 2 is here!
I also update the .aia


hello, what’s new in this version?


See description and pics above, I added the ability to select which barcode formats can be scanned.
Basically it allows you to filter out unwanted/unneeded formats.

I am still working on vertical/portrait scanning.


Great work @Ken :+1::+1::+1:


@Ken Great job. Thanks


thanks a lot i’ll try it in my application


Como uso os blocos, 1D Industrial, 1D Product, Data Matrix e QR Code?

estou recebendo erro no notificador:


You can use all 4 formats by checking all 4 or by not checking anything, because the default is to scan all formats.

I believe you are getting that error because the regular BarcodeScanner component was removed from your project after AdvancedBarcodeScanner was added.
Please remove AdvancedBarcodeScanner and then add it back to your project.


I am looking for an extension for the appinventor which would allow the use of a laser barcode reader embedded into the android device.


no posible with extension need build own server need *.so files


I use this device with 1D Laser Barcode Reader (Symbol) -
I have an application written in AndroidStudio, but developing it under the AS is very inconvenient for me. I wrote myself aia application which uses a camera for scanning now I wanted to use a laser reader.
In my project i have:
but I have no idea how to use them in APP Inventor