Ads timer problem


The problem is when i click the ads then it’s go on chrome (yellow arrow) should be open on chrome (violet arrow) that why the ads timer not show.


So i try to another phone then its working.

My problems how i can fix this problem. Please i need your response. Because i think all of smart phones now is running on my same phone . (yellow arrow).


thats not timer. THat counting is because of notifier…


Yes counting or timer but how can fix this problems?


Use notifications to count.


how ? can you help me? i will use extension?


Ok. I will help You… Wait for today…


already done but it possible show the countdown on notify?


Solution. Try this. You will definitely get the results…


already try that method but it doesn’t work that way. Its now showing because of my chrome is not open on original chrome


i think i will use push notification to remind the user the task is done.


it will work on others. You arw using different Browser but everyone have trust on original chrome browser…


not that much helpful


it working on chrome browser but today the chrome is not directly open on chrome browser its open on another chrome browser. see on picture


because of your selection…


my selection is chrome only


look the picture i used chrome only. when i click the ads it not open the chrome directly on violet arrow


ok… update chrome browser…


chrome browser already updated.