Ads suddenly not show


Can somebody help me
Yesterday 20/12/2018 my admob account suddenly doesn’t show anymore.
I didn’t receive any mail from Admob, my ads work perfectly before.

Can somebody help me !!!


Is it an earning app?
How many ads are you loading?
Please show your blocks.
What message do you get?


It still work yesterday but not it doesn’t show anymore
I think it admob error, not my app error


You didn’t answer my questions.
Please provide me with full information I asked you.


Hi Hassan
I get this message : The ad request was unsuccesfuly due to network conectivity
Here is my block1


Here you go. Now you know the reason.

Since you still didn’t answer me. In case it is an earning app, it is not allowed by Google and Appybuilder and the account will be suspended automatically.


Hello i have problem like this. I m loading 5 ads when screen initalize. 3 interstials and 2 banners. There was no problem for past two days. Then 6 of my apps stop to show ads any more. And there is an error message like this

" [Ad request successful, but no ad returned due to lack of ad inventory]"

i m showing interstials after an user event. Banners are bottom of the screen and of course screen is responsive.
other 15 of my apps are normally showing ads. just five apps giving this problem.
is my admob account suspended? i dont know there is no mail for me. But i m traying to somethink for solve this.
Thank you.


This is against Google policy.
You are allowed to load one type.

Possibly yes.


With any luck you get your account suspended when you do this. This is called an earning app and is not allowed by AppyBuilder and Google.


I’m also reviewing other applications published in google play. In these applications, interstial or banner ads are used in many places. In this case, I understand that a single ad id is being used when displaying these ads. That’s how I’m gonna change my applications quickly. Thank you so much.