Ads not showing


Abrí mi cuenta en está plataforma. Y le coloque los anuncios de Admon intersticial y no se muestran alguien sabe de una solución por favor


i think the problem is from appybuilder, i 've tried on testing mode but still not working…it should be work if the problem isn’t from appybuildr. isn’t it?


Check your AdMob id.

For testing, are you using AdMob test id?


oh sorry i forgot to using testid before :grin: thanks…now i try to using it and there’s an error message “The ad request was successful, but no ad was returned due to lack of ad inventory”. what does that mean? is there any solutions?


Was there any resolution in this problem? I noticed my ads show 0 impressions for the last month. The test unit ID works fine but when I place the real unit id on the Admob banner component, it remains black. I tried making another banner unit id for the same app and it doesn’t show either.


Italo this is really puzzling us because dime apps have no issue showing ads while others are having issue. I read that it may have to do with consent, and European users, but still not sure


Yes, indeed, other of my apps have impressions, but the one that usually had more, now it’s 0. I went into the Admob console and there’s nothing that says my app is not compliant or suspended. Very puzzling indeed.


These days admob chnaged somethink.I cant see ads to if i do not release it to Google Play.I can see ads on my one app but i cant see it on other app.

I suggest we need a ad mediation network component.With it we can use many ad provider.If Appy Builder add Appodeal or any other ad mediation platform support its realy help about monetization.Every user can select prefered ad platform and do not busy with these thinks.


hello, in my app admob erMessage say “Ad was not Filled” anyone know why ?


new sdk is out so we need a update