Ads not showing


@Randy_Carriere Can you PM me one of the .aia that has the issue?


the google admob policy has been change and now the apps created by appybuilder will not show ads until they made change


what changes are you talking about?


Appybuilder staff is checking into it. Please be patient meanwhile.


I have monetized one of my apps with the Facebook interstitial ad. Placed correct placement ID and screen is set to responsive but ads are not showing. It is showing in the Facebook developer that “waiting for ad request”. I opened my app and initialized for the ad but Facebook is not getting any ad request. Screenshot of a block is attached. Please help me as soon as possible on this.FB%20ADS


Hello Sir, My appybuilder app are not showing admob ads. When i mail google Admob, they are sent below email…

[As of now, ads are working perfectly on apps build with Android Studio! But, if your apps are build with Online app inventors, you can’t published Google ads right now. Why? Because Google has changed it’s ad APIs. Your app inventor platform must update Google Ads APIs. Hope you understand. Thanks]


Thnank you. I also found it later somewhere.


Can you please me to write a block for amazon banner ad to load and show?


Search on youtube…there are plenty of videos on youtube to resolve your issue…


I have same issue…


Adds are not showing on my app.i already 50k downloads from playstore.but now adds stop showing on appybuilder.anybody can help me to solve this problem.already checked admob is working properly on other apps.blocks are ok…i checked in appybuilder and change many things but apps didnt shown can anybody help me?


Did admob send you an email on this topic? I have a problem like this. And admob didn’t send me any mail. I e-mailed them about this and I expect them to write a reply. In the meantime, I re-reading admob policies and made updates to my applications. They said they should have sent the notification mail in the last mail. Again, I did not have any mail again, I have filled the form of objection to the policy violation again. I’m waiting for answers from them now.


i already email to the admob but they didnt replyed to the email.i updated many blocks etc in app but adds not showing.i checked the test add from admob site they wre working properly but my adds not working.i checked 2 admobs on this app.but not worked.and these both were working on other apps.


i have a methode for shwoing your ads admob, pm. sorry this methode is very confidential.


Hi, can you explain your method please


Why even mention if it’s confidential??


can some one test with this two apps

i have one app whitch show ads, but may be this is only one working app


yes indeed…i also exp the same thing…my admob didnt show in app…looks like there’s something wrong in admob components…i hope there’s improvement ASAP…


I have one with working ads, so may be is not appubuilder problem’s


Me too! i’m also facing same issue, please update us the status…