Ads not showing appy builder aps


I have created an apps and monitize with admob ads unit. But aps doesn’t showing ads. When I trying in thunkable aps thier showing ads very clearly.

If you want I can give you my apk aps link.

Please help me to solve

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Show your app link please


show ur blocks not drive link…


This is exactly why Google is blocking ads from these type of apps because of abusing and displaying too many ads resulting in over charging the advertisers. You are loading 6 ads and then using clock to keep loading ads over and over again. No wonder Google doesn’t show your ads.


Its looking like app in between ads…


bam this is a app what nobody will use


I am just trying ads showing or not? If succes to show ads will making professional aps.
Please advise what I have to change of from this block



Don’t use multiple AdMob components in same screen. Use only one
Don’t use clock to keep loading ads
Don’t encourage user to click ad
Follow Google terms of policy for ad placement


Not. You are making an earning app. That is not allowed by AppyBuilder and not allowed by Google. If you want to loose your developer account, this is the way to do it.


Now what is the way forward


What happened to me was I didn’t have the correct AdUnitID. Once I got that it showed ok.