Admob Working in test mode but not in live one


Hola! A mi me sucede algo extraño. Desde el 21 de Diciembre, 3 de mis 7 aplicaciones no muestran anuncios. En el panel de admob no hay nada, solo solicitudes de anuncio, pero 0€ ganados. Casualmente son las apps con las que más dinero ganaba hasta ahora… He probado su test “admobTest4.aia” y no muestra los anuncios. Alguna idea de que sucede? Google no me ha dicho nada, y en mis cuentas todo está bien. Estoy muy preocupado…


ENGLISH: Hello! Something strange happens to me. Since December 21, 3 of my 7 applications do not show ads. In the admob panel there is nothing, only ad requests, but € 0 won. Coincidentally, it’s the apps with the most money I’ve earned so far … I’ve tested your “admobTest4.aia” test and it does not show ads. Any idea what happens? Google has not told me anything, and in my accounts everything is fine. I’m very worried…
Thank you.

The error log on the blocks told me : the ad request was successful, but no ad was returned due to lack of ad inventory.
I cannot understand…

Please, help me. Thanks


a mi me sucede lo mismo, casualmente en la app que mas impresiones y clicks tenia, es la que no funciona admob, como bien mencionas en admob no hay nada de datos, ninguna advertensia, nada.

segun lei en algun lado, tiene que ver con la API, ya no es compatible con contructores como appybuilder entre otros… pero es ilogico debido a que otras apps contruidas aqui mismo si muestran anuncios.


there are some things that concern me in this matter.

  1. Cache from ISPs, some ISPs implement a cache system in their network, so that the data provided to the user is a cache from the ISP, and this affects the appearance or absence of advertisements. This has happened in my application, when I used an internet connection from my cellphone, the ad didn’t appear, but when I used WiFi the ad appeared.

  2. Location of Advertisements, companies that place advertisements on Google determine the location of their adverts in certain regions only. this then makes some regions do not have enough advertising supplies that can be displayed, even if there are, they prefer ad serving to applications that are more widely used. This has been checked by several users of my application, some users in different cities sometimes don’t show ads in my application.

  3. a unique public IP address, to reduce cheating that often occurs in ad serving, not only the email address being checked, but also the IP address, even if the user has or uses a different email address and on a different device, if the IP used the same, it will be an indication of the cessation of ad serving. I have experienced this in testing, when two devices that have different e-mails but are connected to the same wifi network, the ad does not appear, when one of them changes the internet connection then the ad appears.

  4. Categories along with application content and their relevance to the ad category. some cases that I experienced, when I made a game application for children, sometimes ads didn’t appear even though I changed the admob account, even though the admob account ran smoothly on my other applications with different categories.

maybe there are still other things that must be considered

Admob Banner & Interstitial ads are not showing

maybe it related to this


Interesting that you say, but I do not see the logic in admob. It has been working well for at least 2 years, and I have an audience all over the world. However, all the metrics are at 0., except for the requests. I think I’m going to use another advertising provider like Amazon. Do you think it will give better results than admob?


Please note that the availability of ads is not controlled by the Mobile Ads SDK. Mediation is also an option to increase the number of Ad sources where you can pull ads from, however, I’m not sure if this is available in the platform or framework you are using.!category-topic/google-admob-ads-sdk/android/fdrRiGJE1gU


The answer from Admob Team

Your App has been disabled for one or more violations of AdMob & AdSense program policies.

We found apps which are either pages that offer compensation programs, encouraging clicks or not complying to valuable inventory. Carefully review our content and policies to ensure your app is compliant. Please feel free to reply to this email if you have additional questions or concerns.


I found the problem in other post:
Hello Sir, My appybuilder app are not showing admob ads. When i mail google Admob, they are sent below email…

[ As of now, ads are working perfectly on apps build with Android Studio! But, if your apps are build with Online app inventors, you can’t published Google ads right now. Why? Because Google has changed it’s ad APIs. Your app inventor platform must update Google Ads APIs. Hope you understand. Thanks ]

I hope happy builder will make a solution…


That response IS NOT from Google. Its from GoogleAdvertiser