Admob stops showing ads



I am receiving the following error in all my apps built in AppyBuilder:
“the ad request was successful but no ad was returned due to lack of ad inventory”

One of my apps was working fine since Mar 16th and stopped on Dec 21th.

My apps from other builders like Thunkable, Android Studio and Ionic are still working fine.


Most likely it’s earning app. That message is from AdMob not AppyBuilder


Then to continue the app, I have to delete the admob component?


And this restriction is only for AppyBuilder? Or thunkable has this too?


There has been too many earning apps that have been published to play-store. As google / admob have tightened their algorithms and are imposing restrictions for ALL earning apps, regardless of platform


You can simply set the component visibility to true when an ad is loaded successfully or leave it false when no ad is loaded.


An app that you need to watch a reward ad tp have credits to play is a earning app?


It dependsto how often you display the ad and where and when you display it


One of the apps has only 2 screen:
The main screen has a admob banner, and you need 1 credit to play.
The second screen has another admob banner and a button to start a reward video to gain 10 credits.
My app is only this.
And this is an earning app?


2 screen app …is this a webview game or site or the best earning app??


no webview and no site. it is only a simple game that I made for my family in one day and I resolve to distribute in google play.


I have same problems to from 21.12. impression drops 10 times. requests are the same


it looks like you failed to verify your account

I also experienced the same thing, for a month I was waiting for certainty, some said applications like Kodular, thunkable, and appybuilder had to upgrade the admob API. But after I verified my identity and address on the google adsense page, my ad appeared again


my adsence is 10 yaers old
i dont need to verify.
I have namy payment form then. It’s cant be that


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you can pm. i’ll be help you to showing your ads


bro help me too
iam facing the same problem


Why PM and not share your findings with everyone?


I also have the same problem, but my application is not published in the play store, I made an application for income, after a few hours, AdMob ads stopped because of ad inventory … but if I use the VPN the ad returns to normal or shows again … and why is that? after being hit by ad inventory and using the return ad vp what should I do?


Sounds like an earning app…

You should read AdMob’s Policies.