Admob Reward Videos Starts and Closes Immediately


Hello all.

I simply used the show ad block.

It is observed that a proper ad loads and starts. However in a spilt second, it closes.

Kind of perplexed…



this is my block! after watching, i prep ahead with a load.

however when the user press the button, the ads shows and closes immediately . :frowning:


Totally wrong blocks .

Use this. Blocks.


ok thank you! appreciate.



i made this instead because if i were to use show on load, it will jump into it without clicking the button… i believe its because the app will preload the first reward video…


hmmm now my app is flagged for : Your recent app submission was rejected for violating the Interfering with Apps, Third-Party Ads or Device Functionality policy.

thats kind of confusing… i cant see what malicious practice is present with the above.


If you use that method then you start irritating people. Can you please to tell me for what purpose you are using ads… Then i will tell you the perfect method…



Basically this is a button for people who wants to support the app.

Hence the idea is that if they want to support, they click and watch the video. If they want to support more, they can click and watch another video … thank u


Then You have to use block. When Button one click load Ad, When do load ad do show ad & When reward grant support.


Noted … however when I start ad enabled, it loads without button click … so I should only enable ad upon click ?


show total blocks or share aia