Admob is not loading properly



Good Day,

I am studying using Youtube lectures from Pixii about the admob,
but I don’t know why the video and banner is not showing.
I searched this forum and other youtube lecture, but at the moment I need your help.
Please see pictures as under and find the aia file herewith.

  1. I deleted “test mode” as one of trial and error, screen size is set up as responsive, and unit ID is correct.
    I checked several times already.

Thanks so much for your kind cooperation in advance.

A181119_Admon_test.aia (9.2 KB)
Design1 Block


Did you wait 48 hours after you made your admob account?


Hi @wh_corp, I have checked your aia file. There is no error in your block but why your app is not showing ads, is a space.
You have put a space before the ad unit ID in the banner ad property section. Delete that space before your ad unit ID and Bingo! there you go.

By the way why you have provided your original add ID? Do you want to earn before an app development? This is not a good idea, you may get banned by AdMob for the false impression.



Thanks so much for your kind explanation.
I am trying again, deleted the space, but it is not showing at all…

This is my original AD ID, just I am studying appybuilder as per youtube lecture.
Then, I passed admob section you said that it is not any problem.
Thanks so much for your advice!


Hope you have checked this:


Sorry I can’t understand what you are saying. Is it solved or not? I have ran the app in companion, there ad was showing, both banner and interstitial.


Dear Meghraj,

Much appreciated for your kind cooperation. I made unit ID few days ago…
I saw the troubleshooting on the video of Pixxi, she said that it is needs 24~48 hours to set admob up.

FYI, On my admob screen, you and Positive_Mind maybe exposed my AD ID, so the number is increase very much as under.

      1. / US$0.00 / 1 / 0 / 0.00%
      1. / US$0.00 / 3 / 0 / 0.00%
      1. / US$0.00 / 10 / 0 / 0.00%
      1. / US$0.00 / 46 / 3 / 34.78%
      1. / US$0.00 / 19,817 / 11 / 0.09%

Anyway, tomorrow I will try again, I hope Admob see in my test-app.
Thanks so much!!!


Dear Positive_Mind;

No, I don’t have a solution, but you and meghaj showed me it will be solved.
The numbers on AdMob are increase as under. It means that block code is not a problem but me.
I will try once more with new project and new ID once again within few days.

      1. / US$0.00 / 1 / 0 / 0.00%
      1. / US$0.00 / 3 / 0 / 0.00%
      1. / US$0.00 / 10 / 0 / 0.00%
      1. / US$0.00 / 46 / 3 / 34.78%
      1. / US$0.00 / 19,817 / 11 / 0.09%

Once again, I much appreciated for your kind cooperation, you touched me deeply.