Admob interstitial ad is showing automatically. why?



I usually do not use admob ads but I implemented it today. Button click to load the interstitial ad and when loaded show the ad but the problem is whenever i launch the app and the screen1 initialize, it shows an interstitial ad but according to my coding/blocks it should show the ad after clicking the specific button. So what is the issue??


Consider reviewing your blocks, and/or sharing screenshot of your blocks.


These are the blocks :point_down:


AdmobInterstisial automatic load, not automatic show. You much make block like this… Image14


yea…But I think auto load is not very good. Is this auto load problem happen for every screen initialize or not?


to be sure, loadAd in Screen.initialize


Hello, could you help me to tell me how it is correct for the ad to show after clicking on the button and not when returning to the screen1. Taking into account that you are working with several screens (each button leads to a screen) Thank you very much


just put what @SNB_Music suggest above in every screen you want to load the ad


Eso es lo que hago y no funciona, me muestra el anuncio es al devolverme a a la principal no al entrar a las otras pantallas


That is what I have tried many times and it shows me the announcement that is given to the main screen (menu) not when entering the other pages that is what I want. Thank you


show the block you have created


I looked at the blocks you posted. If I’m reading the blocks correctly, you have the ad playing after it loads, not when a button is clicked.



How to make it load in to click on a button before going another screen


display interstitial ads when user releases a button, it is against Admob policy.
You should show Interstitial ads when the other screen is closed, or when another process ends.
This is an example of displaying interstitial ads when a user close another screen.