Admob income decrease


my admob income / revenue decrease by 50% from last night
anyone know why? ( i use both: silver and gold apps and both of them are very low)
maybe the admob sdk of the silver version? (lower than 7 ) ?
thank you


@AsafLubliner they both use same version.
It was new year and people were possibly busy with new year stuff. Give time


yes, i understand
but its down by half from 4 cent to click to 1.5 per click :frowning:
i thought is because admob said that in 2018 they not support sdk 7
but i will wait
thank you


There is no difference, plus a change will reflect only on June 23rd… Either people don’t want to use your app anymore or they are busy with new year stuff. At least I don’t spend a lot of time on the web on new year’s Eve.


Thank you
I understand. Maybe its time to create new apps :slight_smile: