AdMob ID is correct but it don't load



I’m trying to use AdMob in my app, the test ID works fine and load, but my Interstitial don’t, even with the same blocks, it shows an error: “Interstitial ad was not ready to be shown. Make sure you have set AdUnitIId and you invoke this after LoadAd”

I’ve checked the ID in appybuilder, followed all the tutorials steps and my account is active, normal and with payment options done.

I’ve received the e-mail that my AD is ready, the site receive the requests but nothing, what can I do?

In-app error messages:


You test your ad unit id in this app by telling you that the ads show is happening or not.
This app is made for special adunitid testing purpose


With other apps the ads work, only mine is always out of inventory.

The test IDs works fine.


use there ur own id
not test id


We have a little misunderstanding here.

I use my IDs for both banner and interstitial and both blocks for test and my ID are equal, but only the test shows.
Some of the banners say “out of ad inventory”, that’s OK, I live in South America and we have delay for ADs.

My problem for now, is: with the same blocks and the test ID working, my Ad with my ID won’t show and the error message says I’m not using an correct ID.


if ur id not not show ads
that’s means u not get an advertisement in the Adunid imposed in App.
wait same time or cont google ads