Admob Dosent Showing Ads


Hi friends, lately, my apps are not showing ads at all. I don’t think this is related to Appybuilder, but is there any kind of problem lately?


its definitely related with using the offline version. my app does the same, i posted the same question 2 weeks ago with no reply. I’ve had no ads now for 2 weeks. Appybuilder just ignores you, so don’t expect a response! I’m moving to a different provider


admob start to showing ads with in 48 hours. in start i also worries. but after one week when i check my admob account that time my all apps showing admob ads properly.
dont take tension. if you follow google admob policy.
but if you lose any community guideline then your ads dont show in life time.
because admob or adsense like our wife.:rofl::rofl: both angry soon.:yum:


Are you using Appybuilder Offline? or online version ?


this time i am using offline version.


Coud you share your “Apybuilder offline version package” please?

Because I’ve tried 3 to 5 times to make apps with appybuilder offline but admob doesnt show ads

even though I use the same admob adunit that admob shows the ads (when I created apps using appybuilder online * before August 1)


i download from here.


put old app ads that before show on playstore apps then its working fast. but if you want to verify form new apps. then you need to wait with in 48 hours.


waiting for 48 hours which the new apps in turned on position? of just wait 48 hours?


I have new app that created 2 days ago… I just tested … finally the ads showing but not much. I just 2-3 ads banner and 1 intersitial. but only 1 banner showed


for ads visible to show on apps.
for more detail please visit google admob policy.


its mean your coding issue.
please share screenshort of you codes.


I use the same code for tested… Old (appybuilder online) and New (Appybuilder offline).
However the result not same.

This the code


try this one


sorry .
use ads enable true.