Admob does not show ads?


First apologize for my English, use the google translator.

I am new to this and I am testing how everything is going.
Now I’m with Admob ads, but they do not show up in the app.

I wanted to ask why Admob ads are not shown in my application.

My admob account is approved and there are requests for publicity from the application, but it does not receive impressions.

I leave you a screenshot.

Can you add me how to add admob to my app in blocks? I think I do it well.




Can somebody help me?
I have tried everything and I am not able to make the ads appear.



I would just like to know if admob ads work in appybuilder.


Hello, I use the admob and it works.
Try to load the ads in the blocks when the screen1 is initialized.
With the function LoadAds.
I use a clock with 120000 ms to reload the ads to be sure it works… may be it’s no needed but I think it may help.
If you have not earnings may be is because you have few downloads or they are not using the app.


Check the AdUnitID if you have writen your ID (the second in the list when you made the banner) like ca-app-pub-…


first I want to thank you for your help.

The ads I load in Screen1 with the LoadAds function as you say, but no ads come out although admod says yes it has ad requests but it has not shown any.

Earnings I do not have because the app is not published, I’m only doing tests with the ads, but they are not shown.

The ID I have placed correctly, the second in the list as ca-app-pub and the Screen1 is responsive as advised.

In thunkable I do the same and the ads do show.

Here in appybuilder do I need to use a block other than LoadAds?


no, it’s no needed more blocks, but I use the clock with the timer for reload… but in the way you are doing it must be enough to work. It works for me fine… you can try one of my apps and you can see… it works : Videolist Music


I suppose this ad you are using is with a banner in Admobs, isn’t it ?


Hello again.

I have installed your google play application and ads do come out, although it always comes out the same.

thanks for leaving me an ID to try, it still does not work.

I tell you what I do in case there is something wrong:

I add a layou to my app, inside I place an AdMob block (not AdmobInterstitial, this I do not know what it is for).
Then I go to the block editor and place: Screen1 initialize> Admod. LoadAd

By the way, my app is not in google play, but I create the apk and install it on my smartphone, I do not think it’s a problem not to be in Google Play, right?


Yes, it’s no problem to don’t be in the Play Store.

The admobinterstitial is the other way to show ads, when they appears full screen and the user must close it.

That’s a good way to try like you say.

May be you need to wait a little time until the ads appears, when the ads are the first time you use it I think they appears in few time, but not directly.

Try to stay with your app opened some time.

And try to reload the ads with one clock, setting 60000 ms to call the LoadAd function.

May be it works in this way.


I can not get real ads out, although in test mode they do come out.

I have left the app open for a long time, I check it several times, I restart the Screen1 and nothing of ads appears.
I want to think that when they are in google play they do appear, but I wanted to try it before.

I will continue creating the application and I will go testing to see if I can get them out.

In AdMob you do not have to configure anything, right?


Yes, it’s not needed to configure anything, it works alone.
And may be you need to publish before, I remember in the begining it doesn’t works for me too and later it works when I publish.
Well, try to publish and tell me if it was the problem.
Good luck


Yes, I will continue creating the app and when it is ready I will publish it to see if there is luck.

Thank you very much for all your help, thanks to users like that.

A great greeting


You’re welcome :wink:
I like when the people helps me and I like to help too :smiley: