AdMob confusion


Hello Builders,
I need a help. I am confused in a property of AdMob component, property name = AdEnabled. In general, it should mean whether I want to enable ad or not. But in the block section, there is a block which sets the boolean type of AdEnabled property. When I place the cursor on this block it shows as below
This two doesn’t match.

Now my question is if I checked that adEnabled block and place my original banner ad unit ID in the specified field, will it show the ad? (I am asking this because in the block hover over description it says if AdEnabled=true, it will only show test ads.)

NB: I have gone through the tutorials, nowhere it is said properly.

Thank you for your help in advance.


Hey, it seems no one has to say anything about my confusion. That is okay.
I have understand with few trials that, this setter block(set AdMob1.AdEnabled to) will stop showing ads if one has set it to True.
So, hover over description here is wrongly written. This description reflects the property of other setter block which will set TestMode to True/False.
I know it is not a big issue, still I hope appybuilder team will look into it and change it accordingly to avoid this confusion.



@Positive_Mind Which thread are you referring to??


See first post of this thread(Named AdMob confusion ) started by me @Hossein.


none of the ads are working in appy builder. amazon, facebook or admob ads none of these are working. please help


I think your account or ip got suspended because mine are showing.


all the accounts are active but ads are not showing


PM me a simple aia, I will check if the ads are showing to me.


i think that is not your post. It is not ok to use a post from other people and write in your problems. To give a answer to you if nothing works for you than your accounts are blocked or you did something wrong. Check your blocks and other things at first bci dont nelieve that all ads dont work.