AdMob Component: Monetize your App using an AdMob Banner (Make Money)



Hey there,
You could try initializing the Screen’s.BackPress() event to get the ad to close, but, other than that - I don’t think it can be done. Google has reasons for everything and it’s good practice not to try and circumvent the built-in blocks to try and do something with their ads, that they don’t want you to do.

If you’re getting complaints from your users that Interstitial ads are too invasive, you might consider using only 1 banner ad. (Also, you never want to overload your app with ads. Users don’t like that, and they’re likely to uninstall and downvote your app)

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thankyou for the response
It’s true that users will not like many ads in the app, but I’m trying to make users comfortable by applying auto close ad, so users do not have to press the back button to close the ad, they just wait 3 or 5 seconds, and the ad will closed automatically.

and I do not understand that yet


buenas no me funciona amiga el vídeo recompensa en el celular pero en el emulador si puedes ayudarme


Excellent !! Thanks @PixiiBomb


Hola Ronin!
Por lo general utilizo un Vertical Arrangement que ocupe toda la pantalla, en donde voy a diseñar la interfaz de la aplicacion en cuestion. Luego fuera del Vertical Arrangement (por lo general me gustan que los banner se publiciten en la parte de abajo de la pantalla del celular) colocar el banner directamente sobre la pantalla Screen1 y de esa manera el banner siempre está visible. En la configuración del banner tildo Ancho total.
Espero que haya respondido Tu pregunta.


I have just faced a problem with banner ads in appybuilder in my last app. I give banner id code and give block which i used before that’s work fine for me. But When I tested it no ads shows, even after make apk. The place where i gave admob banner it is going to black. What the solution for it?


Buenas noches!
Los posibles problemas por los que suelen no mostrarse los anuncios de banner son:

  • No se copio bien el id del anuncio.
  • No se le deja el espacio adecuado para mostrar el banner.
  • Hay veces en que solicitamos un nuevo código id de anuncio banner y tarda en mostrarse. Parecería que hay días en que hay problemas para mostrarse anuncios de banner tanto en app nuevas como en viejas.