AdMob Component: Monetize your App using an AdMob Banner (Make Money)



This tutorial covers a few extra pieces of information. All you need to do is acquire an AdUnitID in order to run the AdMob Component in AppyBuilder.

This video will help you create an AdUnitID using Google AdMob and copy/paste that AdUnitID into the AdMob Component property window within AppyBuilder. Setting up an account with AdMob will allow you to make real money from the apps you create with AppyBuilder!

YouTube Tutorial Video:

AdMobBanner.aia (73.9 KB)

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Great tutorial as always. Thank you!


@Italo thanks so much :smiley:


and intersitial tutorial please?


Please see here:


can you make this for admob Untitled


Yes, the video shows you how to obtain an AdUnitID
You’ll need to create an account at, follow the steps in the tutorial and you’ll receive an AdUnitID to insert into your AdMob Component


I want to make adunit function can be edit by text field, so i need that block, not admob account.


Oh I see what you’re saying. I misunderstood. Perhaps you can make a detailed suggestion in the Wish List forum:


@miki_suhendra the ad unit id can only be set once and can’t be changed once set


Hi, @PixiiBomb very good video, thank you^

Please let me consult to you…:wink:

  1. I just want to ask if it is better to use Admob inside a HorizontalArrangement or without.

  2. I want to know which banner type that Appybuilder use? Is it the SMART_BANNER?

  3. I saw your video and saw that you used 80 pixel height in HA. I wonder if it is okay if since smart_banner use 32/50/90 pixel or does Appybuilder automatically take care of that using Responsive sizing?


  1. I have tried your .aia and it works nicely. But there are grey areas on top and bottom of the banner. I wonder if we can remove that? But that is okay if we cant.

This is my screenshot of your .aia sample.

Thank you…



  1. You can use your AdMob banner in any Layout component, or even without a Layout component. I just find that you have more control and organization with components when they’re placed inside Layouts.
  2. I believe it’s the Standard Banner (first option). I might need a double check on that question.
  3. Responsive sizing should take care of any issues where components are set to Automatic. I believe my test Banner was set to 50px height, so I offset my Horizontal Arrangement to create some padding between the top and bottom of the banner.
  4. That’s just the background image of the Horizontal Arrangement. You can just delete it. The lines and colors will go away.

<3 Pixii


Thank you so much, you help me a lot!!!


how to interstitial auto close???


You could try disabling the ad

Every component has an “Enable” Property.
Set AdMobInterstitial.AdEnabled to False


thanks you so much:heart_eyes::hear


How to change size of the banner in appybuilder? because abmob giving 320x250 by default

I installed ur aia file… but ad not showing


I had some issues with the “black bar” as well.

If you’re seeing the black bar, it could be any one of these reasons: (from most common, to least common)

  1. Your AdUnitID is BRAND NEW. It could take up to 48 hours for a brand new AdUnitID to register.
  2. The Screen Sizing Property must be set to Responsive. The banner will not show up if the Screen Size Property is set to Fixed.
  3. Although there is a “width” Property for the Banner, adjusting the width usually results in a black bar.

One thing I didn’t try during testing, that you might want to play around with, is setting the width of the container. I changed the height of the container to be larger than the banner, but I didn’t change the width. I think I left it at FILL PARENT. But what if the container was set to 80% width? The banner wouldn’t be able to be larger than 80% of the screen width.

So you could try playing around with the container’s properties instead of the banner’s width.


Thank you, i will try :smile:


Please creat tutorial for interstition auto close

Thank’s for this tut