AdMob banner black Problem


First of all happy new year everybody!!! :slight_smile:

I need some help in my problem.

My admob account is not a new one
Screen sizing is responsive
Screen orientation is portrait
my banner is at the top of the screen
In the blocks: screen 1 initialize: load admob
and i used the adfailed to load block too
AdUnitID is correct
and with test AdUnitIDs works great,
and the problem is only with the admob1 interstitial ads works perfect, so i dont know why my banner is black

Thank you for your help!


I noticed the same in my apps. Possibly Admob now is blocking ads in the developer’s IP? I don’t know for sure.
Have you tried in a different ISP/device?


@Italo @STABIL Not sure why its not displaying for you. I just built one and its showing the banner.
Try this .apk and see if it shows the banner for you:



I think only test banner ads are not working. I tested interstitial and reward ads both are working perfectly. Test banner ads are not working but your account’s banner ads should work, bcoz it is working for me.


i tried this apk and it shows a black banner to me

any help?


I have installed you Apk, But after all Banner Ad is not showing. It shows only black banner.
Please solve this problem