Admob banner and Rewarded Video Issue


hello community… hoping to get some advice. These problems are happening despite using google’s test ads.

Admob Banner
Ad request was unsuccessful due to network connectivity

Reward Video
Internal Error Code 0

only interstitial works :frowning:



new update:

i did a test project with only admob banner and label to show error message. I used google test ad.

The error msg is now :
“Something happened internally; for instance, an invalid response was received from the ad server.”

appreciate the support!


new update:

network connectivity error happen with live ad units.
something happened internally error happen with test ad units.


Anyone can kindly assist me? Appreciate.


you changed your app package?


nope …not sure whats wrong


Please tell me you are using default package or you changed the package…


Hi. I did not change anything.


Leave It bro. All this due to Api level. Your app need api level 28 which is not possible right now . May be appybuilder update it as soon as possible.
Another solution is that you can use enhance extension…


I @@. What is the enhanced extension. Thanks.


You can use enhance extension to use various ads sdk. Best extension. But it increae size of the App. If you want drop msg here.I will send you & Please mark my ans as solution…


Are you aure about that thing of appylevel?
I tried with offline version with api 28 and it didnt work…

With livetest works with test ids but not with my admob ads ids.
Should it work this way with my admob ads or it only works if its in playstore?